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The nippers program is a great way for children to get involved in surf education and learn valuable lessons in staying safe on the Australian coastline.

PLEASE NOTE Nippers is not a learn to swim program therefore participants are required to have a certain level of swimming ability in order to participate in the BH13B Nipper program.



  • The main aims of the Nippers Education Program are to:

  • Develop surf and inland waterway awareness 

  • Increase confidence and skills in beach related activities 

  • Instill and reinforce SunSmart philosophies 

  • Encourage enjoyable and healthy participation 

  • Promote a positive non-threatening environment

  • Meet new friends 

For more information regarding the nippers program, please click here.

NIPPERS 2022/2023

Please note the Nippers program for 2022/23 is now CLOSED and will no longer be taking enrolments. Please keep an eye out on our social media outlets for news regarding next years program.


Day 1 - Wed 28th December 2022

Day 2 - Thu 29th December 2022


Day 3 - Fri 30th December 2022


Day 4 - Mon 2nd December 2023


Day 5 – Tues 3rd January 2023

Day 6 - Wed 4th January 2023

Day 7 – Thu 5th January 2023

Under 6s - Under 10s will run 9am-11am with Under 11s - Under 13s running from 11am - 1pm each day.

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